Demolition Process

Demolition Process

Demolition Process in Sydney

When it comes to demolition, it sends a wrong notion that is all about destruction. Let us clear that air by explaining it to you what goes behind a demolition service. It is a systematic process of tearing down old, wrecked buildings & space to accommodate something new and of value.

Whatever the need might be, demolishing is a risky job, and it is unsafe for amateurs to try their hands into doing it! Therefore, it’s required to hire a professional demolition company that will steer clear of all the hazardous process that comes along with it. Considering the hassles of this job and the urgent need for new opportunities, it is best to choose the evitable – us. We will pave the way to erect new structures into the landscape by tearing down the existing one!


We understand that each job has a set of challenges that we need to overcome in our unique way. Local Demolition Companies does nothing less in providing you with the most accurate demolition service in Sydney. If you have a building structure that needs to be demolished, like an old residential place or an office or factory, we are the one that you should call.

Upon calling us at 0417 417 400, our company’s representative will assess the cost of the demolishment project and will provide you with a free quote. Feel free to consult with our expert team as they are more than happy to resolve all your queries and help you to make an informed decision. Drop a mail at, and we will take it from there!

After you accept the quote

If you accept our offer, we take the next step of our contract. We will make all the arrangements and will provide you with a checklist of all the things that need to be organised. We will send our experts to your site to assess the nature of demolition work that needs to be done, and they will guide you in issuing the permit so that no further complications arise once the demolition commences.

If there is any need to obtain further permits for shared properties like carports or garages in the middle of the demolition procedure, your neighbours will be handed over a notice at a further cost.


A common housing material even a few decades ago, it has been downgraded into a popular roofing material in most Australian households. Dominating the garages and carports, the asbestos lining of eaves and flyers have been in extensive use for weather coating purposes as well. Now, although it had been clinically proven to be hazardous for human health, yet its versatility has taken the stronger stand.

Considering the disastrous side effects asbestos can cause to us, it has become imperative to hire the licensed asbestos removal company only to eliminate the safety complications. Local Demolition Companies have been at the forefront of this kind of task of asbestos removal and dumping at EPA approved sites by EPA licensed transportation vehicles. We make sure that every bit of precaution is taken and hand over a Clearance Certificate to our client prior to the removal procedure.

However, you will not be handed over a quotation if the asbestos has been found buried deep inside concrete slabs or ground; for that requires excavation work. Once sorted, we will send an expert team to the location and notify our client of the quote (taking into consideration the severity and the nature of asbestos). If you agree to our terms, we will send the salvagers for stripping the same!

Asset Protection Permit

Local Demolition Companies understand the need to obtain a demolition permit from the city council. Hence, we will help the site owner in every step of the way to take the necessary steps in procuring the permit.

Site Fencing

Site or temporary fencing refers to cordoning off the demolition site once the client approves. This step is mandatory and commences after the clients hand over the property to us for tearing it down. Now, if the site is in a busy or densely populated neighbourhood, our team of demolishers will take extra precautions to restrict public access and cordon off the incomers complete.

We will acquire the demolition permit once the process of cutting the gas line, the abolishment of the electricity line, and asbestos removal are over. The demolition work will commence, and depending on the stature of the building – it can take a few hours to a few days. Upon completing the teardown process, our men will remove the entire debris. To guarantee you peace of mind, we will take our services to the next level by track rolling and grooming any trees and stumps that might create obstructions. Once our team leaves the site, it will be a blank slate – we promise.

We will issue a Final Inspection Certificate to the owner upon which your dream project can come up at that place!


We believe it falls under the client’s responsibility to get in touch with the gas and electricity providers for arranging the abolishment of such services. It usually takes around 3-4 weeks to cut off these lines completely. However, if you do need assistance, we can surely help you with that. Although, it is our recommendation to lodge the abolishment petition of both the services at once to save time & money.

Furthermore, if there are telephone cables overhead, they need to be cut down before the day of demolition. Contact the telephone provider as soon as possible to help you with that process. However, if the phone lines are beneath the ground surface, then it can take weeks to be removed. So, start the abolishment tasks early!

Safety Standards

Local Demolition Companies' employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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